The advantages of the custom outdoor shower

custom shower: advantages

What characterizes Inoxstyle showers is, first of all, the craftsmanship with which we select and work top quality materials (such as 316L stainless steel) and the extreme attention we pay to the elegance and recognition of the design.

Precisely this attention to detail, together with the type of processes adopted, naturally do not allow for an industrial approach. Because every Inoxstyle project is based on an exclusive and personalized study: we use top-of-the-range Italian hydraulic components, directly designing and manufacturing those details that are not available on the market, with the quality and aesthetics that we consider essential.

Our product can therefore be defined as tailor made and, in this article, we see the advantages that a custom outdoor shower can give you.

What are the advantages of a custom outdoor shower?

The possibility of customizing the product, studied on the wishes and needs of the customer, is a plus synonymous with versatility and technical competence: our history has its roots in Made in Italy craftsmanship where it is essential to experiment and innovate by creating a product made “to measure”, perfect for aesthetic and functional characteristics.

But this is only the first of the advantages that we list right below.

  1. Space adaptation. The made-to-measure garden shower is designed and built according to the specific needs of the place where it will be installed. This means that it can be perfectly adapted to the availability of the chosen area, avoiding waste of space and guaranteeing a more harmonious décor. It can therefore be integrated perfectly into the surrounding environment, creating a more coherent look, for example, with the garden or patio.
  2. Custom design. With a tailor made shower, you have complete control over the design and style of the shower. You can choose the materials, colors and details based on your personal taste and aesthetic preferences.
  3. Quality materials. As specified above, the Inoxstyle shower is made using high quality materials, which means that it will be more resistant and durable over time. This is particularly important for outdoor showers exposed to weathering and corrosive agents.
  4. Less maintenance. Because the custom shower was specifically designed for the outdoor environment, it can require less maintenance than a standard shower.
  5. Greater added value. A bespoke outdoor shower can increase the value of your property. A well thought out design and a functional shower can be considered as a plus in case of resale.
  6. Feeling of sophistication. A bespoke outdoor shower adds a touch of exclusivity and personality to your outdoor space.

That’s right, because Inoxstyle creates one-of-a-kind outdoor showers, created for the most beautiful pools and gardens. United by the fact of being refined, with simple and at the same time refined lines. Objects of great quality that last over time, perfectly inserted in the context in which they are installed: precisely because they are specially created, tailor made.