Clef is born, the design outdoor shower (inspired by the musical key)

clef outdoor shower

Quality of materials, craftsmanship, design, reliability and the possibility of customization. All this is Clef, an outdoor shower – designed by Vegni Design – which recalls the particular and sinuous shape of the musical key. Read on to find out all the details of this elegant shower.

An outdoor shower of the highest quality

Clef, in addition to being a design garden shower, is of the highest quality. It guarantees unique technical and aesthetic properties because it is made with AISI 316L “Marine Grade” stainless steel. What is AISI 316L steel? Marine steel is a stainless alloy that contains carbon, nickel, chromium, titanium, niobium and tantalum.

These are elements that allow:

  • an unparalleled resistance to any corrosion phenomenon;
  • cleaning of the components with extreme ease, maximizing maintenance efficiency.

Design: no edges, just an avant-garde style

The non-bevelled product is a real plus of our offer. Inoxstyle outdoor showers, and Clef is no exception, are in fact made up of a single body entirely welded in a controlled atmosphere.

These are not components assembled together, but solid homogeneous structures. All this gives Clef an extremely elegant and refined design that enhances its lines and geometries.

Not only that: the unique structure prevents dirt and oxidation, maintaining the high quality of the product over time.

Complete reliability, guarantees Inoxstyle

The quality of our materials and the attention of our craftsmen in welding and polishing the shower body guarantee against oxidation. The shower body is in fact guaranteed against oxidation for ten years.

Download the catalog to read all the information on this model. Or contact us for a consultation.