Designing the swimming pool: 3+1 elements that will make it flawless

design pool

Planning the perfect pool starts in the fall. Just like choosing a shower, it is important to take the time to evaluate the various options both from a stylistic and architectural point of view. To have time to carefully plan and perfect everything before summer arrives.

In this article we offer you all those elements that you shouldn’t underestimate for the design of your swimming pool.

Designing the perfect pool: what are the essential elements?

Designing a swimming pool is a complex process that requires attention to detail and a holistic view of your surroundings. Because a well-structured swimming pool is elegant, clean and safe.

1. Cabins and changing rooms: discretion and comfort

A well-designed environment must include adequate spaces to be able to change in comfort. The changing cabins offer the privacy needed to change comfortably and are an ideal solution for maintaining order and cleanliness around the pool. Wood is a popular material for cabin construction, as it gives a natural and elegant touch. However, if space or budget constraints make it difficult to build separate cabins, an existing room in the house can be repurposed for this purpose while still providing privacy.

2. Trampolines: and fun is guaranteed

If your pool is at least five feet deep, you can consider adding a diving board to add to the fun. However, safety should be your top priority when choosing a trampoline. Make sure you always opt for approved models and made with high quality materials. Correct installation and compliance with safety standards are essential to prevent accidents.

3. Wellness corner: relaxation and refreshment

If the space surrounding the pool is large enough, you can enrich it with a wellness corner. Sauna, Turkish bath, hydromassage and emotional shower can transform your swimming pool into an oasis of relaxation and refreshment, not only during the summer but throughout the year. For example, a mini hydromassage pool can be placed in a corner of the pool, creating a wellness area. Remember to plan the space properly and integrate these structures proportionately with the external environment.

3+1. Outdoor showers: cleaning and design

We admit it, in this case we are biased but the shower is truly an indispensable element for the pool area as it is a guarantee of cleanliness and hygiene. Outdoor showers for swimming pools must first of all have a guarantee of high quality, both in terms of materials and in terms of manufacturing. Exposed to all atmospheric agents, outdoor showers must be  resistant and well structured. Not only that: don’t neglect the design and style of the showers, because they can become an important decorative complement around the pool.


Always remember to prioritize safety and consult experienced professionals in the sector to build a pool that meets all your needs and expectations.