Majesty 155: the flagship of Gulf Craft

Inoxstyle shower on Majesty 155

Majesty 155: record-breaking superyacht with innovative design

Among the top ten superyacht builders in the world, Gulf Craft is a name that embodies innovation and excellence in the luxury yachting industry. Founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1982, the company has earned an enviable reputation for designing and building extraordinary yachts.

In 2015, Gulf Craft unveiled the Majesty 155, a 47-meter-long superyacht that immediately caught the attention of experts and enthusiasts around the world.

Majesty 155 Superyacht

The Majesty 155 represents the pinnacle of style, functionality, and technology in the world of superyachts. This marvel of naval engineering is distinguished by an innovative and sophisticated design. In fact, industry magazines have described the Majesty 155 as a true landmark for this shipyard, confirming the company’s reputation for excellence in the UAE and beyond. Thanks to Gulf Craft’s pioneering vision, the UAE is confirmed as one of the places where the most fascinating creations in the world of luxury yachting are born.

The Inoxstyle shower on Gulf Craft’s Majesty 155


Our Yacht Y shower was installed on Gulf craft’s Majesty 155. Inoxstyle’s Yacht Y line is distinguished by its curved, modern profile and unparalleled durability, as it is made of AISI 316L “Marine Grade” stainless steel. Its unique body fully welded with TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is removable and does not interfere with navigation. It is shiny and durable, thanks to hand mirror polishing and several coats of nautical finish. The interior fittings have no visible fixing screws, and the silicone rubber shower head is anti-scale and anti-obstruction. Yacht Y is guaranteed for 10 years, as are all Inoxstyle showers.