Speed meets pleasure with AQuiJo from Oceanco Yacht

Inoxstyle showers for Oceanco Yacht

AQuiJo: the world’s largest high-performance ketch

The AQuiJo is a ketch, a luxury sailing yacht resulting from a collaboration between Oceanco Yacht and Vitters, with the signature of renowned naval architect Bill Tripp.

This extraordinary superyacht, with her impressive 85 meters in length, a width of 14.48 meters and two masts 90 meters high, has amazed everyone: not only for her incredible aesthetic beauty, but also for the technological innovations integrated within her, such as the special steering system designed to convey the sensations from the large rudder blades to the flyng bridge.
Inside the AQuiJo, comfort and luxury reach unprecedented levels.

Oceanco Yacht, a shipyard company specializing in superyachts

Oceanco, the Dutch shipbuilding company behind this extraordinary project, specializes in building superyachts in the 80-meter to 140-meter range. Renowned for its dedication to customization and innovation, for nearly three decades, Oceanco has been building exclusive yachts that represent the pinnacle of naval engineering.

Inoxstyle shower on Oceanco Yacht’s AQuiJo


Aboard Oceanco Yacht’s AQuiJo is Inoxstyle’s Yacht Y shower. The Yacht Y line is distinguished by its curved, modern profile and unparalleled durability, as it is made of AISI 316L “Marine Grade” stainless steel. Its unique body fully welded with TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is removable and does not interfere with navigation. It is shiny and durable, thanks to hand mirror polishing and several coats of nautical finish. The interior fittings have no visible fixing screws, and the silicone rubber shower head is anti-scale and anti-obstruction. Yacht Y is guaranteed for 10 years, as are all Inoxstyle showers.