Outdoor Shower for Yacht




Outdoor Shower for Yacht


The elegance of sinuous organic lines and carbon fibre structure combined with the splendour of marine stainless-steel results in an agile and imposing shower. The powerful nature of the composite material, in harmonious contrast with the stainless gloss of the integrated showerhead, bestows a new and brilliant balance to the successful distinction between shape and construction, style and efficiency, technology and nature.

An outdoor nautical shower made of carbon fibre and marine grade stainless steel, featuring a multiple process, nautical grade, manual mirror polish finish. A perfect synthesis of design, artisan craftsmanship, and high-quality materials, created thanks to Inoxstyle's experience in luxury yachting.


Giancarlo Vegni

Giancarlo Vegni, born in 1949, studied at Cascina's art school. From 1968 to 1975 he worked for Ferretti cucine. Vegnidesign is the beginning of his professional career, a career full of important collaborations, awards, achievements. With the Misura collection by Effeti cucine, Giancarlo signed the first round functional block in kitchen history (1988); the oven called “Duetto” made by Officine Star participated in the selections for the Compasso d’Oro (1991).
Now Vegnidesign is a professional team, its work spanning every field of design, characterized by neat lines and geometric modular forms, the predilection for round shapes, and an exquisite made in Italy style that is appreciated worldwide.

Features of the shower

  • Carbon fibre

    Carbon fibre

Elegance and technologyCarbon fibre

We have used a lightweight, durable material with sublime texture and design for an unmatched product. The carbon fibre selected is normally used in aeronautics and motorsports thanks to its unique properties; this choice gives this product a technical look and at the same time a luxurious elegant finish.

  • Invisible Water Connections

    Invisible Water Connections

Magic deck supportInvisible Water Connections

The exclusive deck support provides a structural base for the shower and makes it possible to hide unsightly water pipes under the boat's deck. Assembling and dismantling the shower before sailing are both quick and easy. Made from marine grade stainless steel, it is also available with classic quick-coupling lateral hook-ups on boats with pre-existing water connections.

  • Single unit

    Single unit

Little space used on boardSingle unit or two pieces

Our product can be dismantled during navigation, and is available either as a single unit or in two pieces to reduce the amount of required storage space. While it doesn't interfer with navigation, it is an important and visually powerful piece of art once assembled.

  • Nautical grade finish

    Nautical grade finish

Shiny and durable surfaceNautical grade finish

Our steel is polished manually through a fully artisan process that is repeated in multiple sequences to ensure that all of our products include the highest quality finish: nautical grade. This attention is why our products remain clean longer than others and are not affected by limestone.



Download the photobook to consult this model’s detailed information whenever and wherever you want.

The shower's technical information


Recessed showerhead


Faucet, mixer faucet, and other options


Polished or Satin Finish


Removable with water connections hidden in the deck support

Tecnical Specifications

Shower body made of carbon fibre

Exclusive design water control, in hand-polished marine-grade AISI 316L stainless steel

Showerhead with anti-scale and anti-obstruction silicone rubber

Main body diameter 80 mm, height 220 cm, showerhead height 210 cm



Faucet with exclusive design knob handle IS316 (single inlet, cold or premixed water)

Faucet Mixer with exclusive design lever IS316 (hot/cold water)

Handheld showerhead with diverter switch


Handheld showerhead with diverter switch


BC deck support with concealed water connections

Surface Finish

Twill Carbon Fibre, with coating and anti-UV treatment


Waterproof protection bag

Velvet steel

Velvet Steel: A surprising, resistant and unalterable aesthetic finish.

Velvet Steel is an exclusive finish by inoxstyle. This finishing is obtained from the mirror-finish through an additional treatment that radically changes its aesthetic characteristics.

The object is first mirror-polished with multiple hand-made passes in order to eliminate any surface imperfections and smooth the surface uniformly, then, with a particular process, inside special chambers, the surface is blasted with a calibrated jet of glass microspheres.

Unlike other abrasive treatments used in satin finishing, glass microspheres have the advantage of maintaining the chemical composition of the stainless steel surface which keeps its characteristic beauty and durability.

The resulting surface has a particular texture with non-glossy reflections and an innovative aesthetic presence.

See it in your home


Thanks to the app for Androids and iPhones, you can now visualize showers in 3D in the spaces where they will be placed. Move them, rotate them, and immediately learn if the size and style is the most suitable for your pool or yacht. You can experiment with possibilities until you discover the perfect match. The app is also used by designers and architects to illustrate quickly a mock-up of future shower installations to their clients.


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