Outdoor Shower for Yacht

With Ellipse, Inoxstyle opens a new era in yacht and pool shower design, presenting a series of models characterized by an elliptical shower body. Mastery of the material and highly precise manual craftsmanship are expressed with a productive virtuosity that shapes lines and forms with steel, in which the organic and natural memory of the water element remains prominently imprinted.

The manufacturing challenges of the new section are sublimated into models with a unique design, revealing Inoxstyle’s profound passion for the beauty and craftsmanship of steel. The artisanal care, obsession with details, and the uncompromising choice of materials make them unique and exclusive products destined for the most prestigious yachts and villas.

Designed to meet the challenge of the sea, Inoxstyle creates products with unmatched standards. This is the spirit that drives our work, defining the extraordinary quality of each of our components and the excellence of our know-how in terms of design, simplicity, refinement, and, of course, durability.

All models from the new Ellipse line can be removable with concealed water connections, for yacht, or not removable for swimming pools, and customizable to specific customer requirements.


Giancarlo Vegni

Giancarlo Vegni, born in 1949, studied at Cascina's art school. From 1968 to 1975 he worked for Ferretti cucine. Vegnidesign is the beginning of his professional career, a career full of important collaborations, awards, achievements. With the Misura collection by Effeti cucine, Giancarlo signed the first round functional block in kitchen history (1988); the oven called “Duetto” made by Officine Star participated in the selections for the Compasso d’Oro (1991).
Now Vegnidesign is a professional team, its work spanning every field of design, characterized by neat lines and geometric modular forms, the predilection for round shapes, and an exquisite made in Italy style that is appreciated worldwide.



Outdoor Shower for Yacht


The new shower body section, connected to the showerhead in a harmonious contrast of lines and planes, sharp angles and gentle curves, embodies a new visual identity that conveys movement, strength, and stability with effortless confidence.



Outdoor Shower for Yacht


The sinuous connections of the different volumes are made even softer and more natural by the new elliptical section of the shower body, in a timeless compositional harmony that becomes an extraordinary hallmark of this project.



Outdoor Shower for Yacht


A perfect curve, drawn by a shower body with perfect curves: the elliptical section, also echoed by the shape of the showerhead, elegantly expresses a strong directional tension towards pure beauty.



Outdoor Shower for Yacht


Technique, shape and emotion find practical expression in this single body oval section shower, characterized by the perfect harmony of design with dedicated water control and high-quality finishes. Suitable for contemporary spaces, intended for lovers of beauty and unusual solutions.

Features of the shower

  • AISI 316L: marine grade stainless steel

    AISI 316L: marine grade stainless steel

Unmatched durabilityAISI 316L: marine grade stainless steel

Stainless steel AISI 316L is an austenitic stainless steel alloy, considered among the most durable on the market today. Our showers are made from "Marine Grade" stainless steel AISI 316L that guarantees truly unique technical properties and aesthetics.

  • Invisible Water Connections

    Invisible Water Connections

Magic deck supportInvisible Water Connections

The exclusive deck support provides a structural base for the shower and makes it possible to hide unsightly water pipes under the boat's deck. Assembling and dismantling the shower before sailing are both quick and easy. Made from marine grade stainless steel, it is also available with classic quick-coupling lateral hook-ups on boats with pre-existing water connections.

  • Single unit

    Single unit

Sturdy and durable without imperfectionsSingle unit

Our products are not made with pieces that have to be assembled, rather they are single units that have been welded together under controlled atmospheric conditions. This structural homogeneity gives our products an elegant design, highlighting their geometric lines and eliminating any unsightly blemishes for dirt to accumulate or rust to form. A design choice that definitely improves quality.

  • Nautical grade finish

    Nautical grade finish

Shiny and durable surfaceNautical grade finish

Our steel is polished manually through a fully artisan process that is repeated in multiple sequences to ensure that all of our products include the highest quality finish: nautical grade. This attention is why our products remain clean longer than others and are not affected by limestone.

  • 10-year warranty

    10-year warranty

Reliable Quality10-year warranty

Thanks to the quality of our production, we are able to provide warranty against oxidation for our products. The care our artisans devote to manually constructing and polishing each piece ensures the endurance of our showers for many years. Our shower's main bodies are guaranteed against oxidation for 10 YEARS.



Download the photobook to consult this model’s detailed information whenever and wherever you want.


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