• Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - RIVA Inoxstyle



Outdoor nautical shower for pool and garden

The shower's technical information

Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - RIVA Inoxstyle

Showerhead selection


Faucet, mixer faucet, and other options


Polished or Satin Finish


Mounting for pools or beaches

Technical drawing outdoor shower, pool, garden - RIVA Inoxstyle
Marine grade AISI 316L stainless steel
TIG welded, single body unit
Multiple process, nautical-grade manual polishing
10-year warranty
Italian Elegance




Shower body made of marine-grade AISI 316L stainless steel

Multiple process, nautical-grade manual polishing

TIG welded (tungsten inert gas), single body unit

Faucet body installed internally with no external screws visible

Showerhead with anti-scale and anti-obstruction silicone rubber

1/2'' water inlets from below the pavement with quick-connect fittings

Main body diameter 60 mm, height 225 cm, showerhead height 210 cm


Faucet (single inlet, cold or premixed water)

Faucet Mixer (hot/cold water)

Timed-flow faucet


Foot shower (with faucet on the shower body)

Handheld showerhead with faucet mixer

Handheld showerhead with diverter switch


Floor mounting with finishing cover that conceals mountings underneath

Mounting for underground installation on a beach or in a garden

Exposed mounting with AISI 316L stainless steel lug nuts


Mirror-like, multiple process, nautical-grade manual polishing

Velvet steel: manual mirror-like polishing and then hand blasted with micro spheres of glass


Protective cover

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    Measured elegance and classic lines for a shower distinguished by subtle geometric contents and a well-balanced design project. The circular section and the seamless junction of three structural elements create a perfect balance of shapes and volumes combined with a great design logic in a simple yet complex object, which is ideal for classic locations.

    An outdoor nautical shower made of marine grade stainless steel, featuring a welded single unit body, and a multiple process, nautical grade, manual mirror polish finish. A perfect synthesis of design, artisan craftsmanship, and high-quality materials, created thanks to Inoxstyle's experience in luxury yachting.

    Features of the shower

    Unmatched durability

    AISI 316L: marine grade stainless steel

    Stainless steel AISI 316L is an austenitic stainless steel alloy, considered among the most durable on the market today. Our showers are made from "Marine Grade" stainless steel AISI 316L that guarantees truly unique technical properties and aesthetics.

    Sturdy and durable without imperfections

    Single unit

    Our products are not made with pieces that have to be assembled, rather they are single units that have been welded together under controlled atmospheric conditions. This structural homogeneity gives our products an elegant design, highlighting their geometric lines and eliminating any unsightly blemishes for dirt to accumulate or rust to form. A design choice that definitely improves quality.

    Shiny and durable surface

    Nautical grade finish

    Our steel is polished manually through a fully artisan process that is repeated in multiple sequences to ensure that all of our products include the highest quality finish: nautical grade. This attention is why our products remain clean longer than others and are not affected by limestone.

    Reliable Quality

    10-year warranty

    Thanks to the quality of our production, we are able to provide warranty against oxidation for our products. The care our artisans devote to manually constructing and polishing each piece ensures the endurance of our showers for many years. Our shower's main bodies are guaranteed against oxidation for 10 YEARS.


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