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Wall mounting outdoor showers

Wall mounting outdoor showers

An expressive design with sinuous and articulated forms where an organic and natural memory it is imprinted and alive. A technical virtuosity in shiny marine steel, where straight lines and curves playfully intertwine in a seamless integration that defines the shape and volumes making this element the discreet centre of any environment.

Where the shower becomes grace, joy, happiness in a harmony of volumes, curves and timeless lines that have as their cultural reference the truest Italian tradition. A project that has its imprinting in playful forms, perennial materials and manual finishes that were created to face the challenge of the sea. An object that transforms into a decorative atmosphere the strength and freshness and joy of water.

Modern elegance meets the classical clean aesthetic in a shower marked by a contemporary figure, delicate but durable. An arched arm that winds along a tapered and subtle design line. A curve that expresses in lightness and harmony the shining solidity of its substance. These are the distinctive features that make Arco the ideal complement to any environment, traditional, refined, exclusive.

Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - ARCO Inoxstyle (profile)
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - AMALFI R Inoxstyle (profile)

The outdoor shower arm Amalfi combines an elegant simplicity to a deep concept in both technique and structure, with its linear and extremely sophisticated, contemporary design; a successful exercise in style that results in a distinctive presence that furnishes and embellishes the shower-space of modern and contemporary outdoor environments with refined discretion.

Decisive geometry and recognizable lines, the square section defines the rational aesthetic that characterizes and distinguishes the Ischia shower arm. Contemporary, elegant, and noticeable, it is an object with its own authority that defines a new dimension of luxury in relaxation.

Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - ISCHIA Q Inoxstyle (profile)
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - FORTE DEI MARMI BEAUTY Inoxstyle (profile)

With its elegant, intimate and austere design, the Forte dei Marmi shower is designed as a wall arm, and stands out with its elegance, consistency and dynamism. A refined expression of strength, capable of defining the shower-space of any type of environment with a presence that is surprisingly bright and gentle.

Renovation, change, shift of architectural expressions, an interpretation of the structure freedom and a new way of considering the sense of interior space in design: in a word innovation. Zig is the shower where the perception of modern comes to life in a profile of surprising, contemporary and dynamic lines.

Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - ZIG Inoxstyle (profile)
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - CAPRI R Inoxstyle (profile)

Precise style choices are revealed in an aesthetic of a minimalist and sober feel. The new idea takes form in a project mastering new enhanced technical materials contrasted with marine steel splendour, offering a distinctive style and an unusual vision of luxury that makes this wall shower absolutely perfect for marked modern environments.

The marked lines and geometry of strong character concretely express the interaction between design and technology. The square section structure in Carbon Fibre is united with the gloss marine steel resulting in a contrast that enhances both materials. A technically challenging project resolved with rational elegance that characterizes the outdoor shower ambience.

Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - SANREMO Q Inoxstyle (profile)

Faucet Mixers

An organic and natural memory lives in the articulated forms of this series of water controls. In each element of the series the straight and curved lines intertwine and integrate in a relationship that defines its ergonomics, function and volumes, in a sequence of soft curves that make its contemporary aesthetics eternal.

A design that combines utility, joy, and beauty; capable of creating pulsating and lively atmospheres. A line of water controls with a clean design, characterized by soft geometry. A direct example of the fusion of functionality, order and elegance in a harmony of volumes, curves and timeless lines that have as their cultural reference the truest Italian tradition.

Authentic shapes, perfect proportions, sober and elegant details: an object with a frank, harmonious, fine design. Being minimalist with the highest visual impact, each element of this series challenges the modernity of function with classic forms and the eternal splendour of steel.

Yesterday and tomorrow meet in a luminous contrast of materials. Weft and warp of the carbon fibre texture enhance the volume of the water controls in the differently shaped steel frames. A perfect balance is achieved between essential design, which does not renounce being important, and the calibre of the materials used.

Main features

Unmatched durability

AISI 316L: marine grade stainless steel

Stainless steel AISI 316L is an austenitic stainless steel alloy, considered among the most durable on the market today. Our showers are made from "Marine Grade" stainless steel AISI 316L that guarantees truly unique technical properties and aesthetics.

Elegance and technology

Carbon fibre

We have used a lightweight, durable material with sublime texture and design for an unmatched product. The carbon fibre selected is normally used in aeronautics and motorsports thanks to its unique properties; this choice gives this product a technical look and at the same time a luxurious elegant finish.


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