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Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - Dream Yacht Inoxstyle

Some models

A fluid and essential design exalted by the quality of the workmanship. It features a single stainless steel body with the shower head incorporated. The controls ensure easy access to the functions without interfering with the harmony of the lines. The precise geometric design of DREAM YACHT ensures an excellent union between style and strength, perfect for refined elegance in a modern environment.

New product 2019

The elegance of sinuous, organic lines, the structure of the carbon fibre and the splendour of the marine-grade stainless steel all come together in an agile and powerful shower. A subtle balance between design and construction, harmony and efficiency, technology and nature.

Restyling 2019

Sobriety and classical elegance combine in a harmonious visual whole, characterised by an anatomy with a relaxed design and a strong, distinctive personality. With a robust and imposing profile, the Yacht shower is built in a single arched body, designed for modern environments with a contemporary flavour.
Sinuous and balanced, rigid almost, for new pleasure in the water. A powerful structure, where the austere geometry of the shower’s single body unit in marine grade stainless steel, softens into a sensual curve that integrates the shower head at its end.

Restyling 2019

The technical elegance of carbon fibre united to the shine of marine stainless steel result in a majestic and powerful outdoor shower. Carbon & Steel is a shower with a simple and innovative design, a product literally unique. It is at its best with its elegant design and with its construction technology thanks to the materials used. It is the perfect shower for a surprising and out-of-the-ordinary environment.
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - FULL CARBON Inoxstyle
The elegance strictness of the carbon technology transformed into an outdoor shower. Full Carbon is a shower with a minimalist and powerful design, a line summarising the essence of the shapes and the lasting over time. An object that does not go unnoticed to decorate and underline the character of the most elaborated environments.
The pleasure of design for a sophisticated object that expresses a great formal simplicity. Tecno Cube is an outdoor shower with a square section, designed with the total absence of visible screws and suitable to modern and open environments, an evident object by class and style.
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - Tecno Cube Inoxstyle
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - INTERLUDE Y R Inoxstyle (profile)
Seductive lines, harmonic symmetry, a design project in which the technical nature is shaped into a fascinating piece of furnishing, thanks to the superb joining of consistency and visual charm. Interlude is an outdoor shower whose every detail contributes to the design of an architectural piece of great prestige, suitable for modern and contemporary environments.
Solid and compact, the arched lines of Motivo give life to a single unit shower whose material is a synthesis of beautiful form and highly technical strength. The shower's hardware remains visible. This functional and carefully designed piece is ideal for both traditional and modern environments.
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - MOTIVO Inoxstyle
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - Sole 48 Inoxstyle
For technology enthusiasts, space purists, and all those who appreciate the sombre charm of essentiality. With its modern build and classical lines, Sole 48 is an element that fills the visual field with dynamic ease. Built in a single circular block of AISI 316 L steel, Sole 48 is characterised by a powerful lightness thanks to its very pure curves and slim body dimensions.
The important dimensions of the body characterise this model and enhance the powerful harmony of its lines. Designed for large environments, Sole 60 presides over the scene and immediately becomes the protagonist thanks to its flexible, dynamic and decorative curves. Extremely modern, with its essential classicism, this shower has the power to connote both decidedly contemporary and traditional environments with the same discreet elegance.
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - Sole 60 Inoxstyle
Measured elegance and classic lines for a shower that is characterized by its geometric lines and carefully crafted design. Built in a single circular section through the joining of three pieces during different production steps, Riva's aesthetic design is ideal for traditional environments.
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - RIVA Inoxstyle
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - TECNO Inoxstyle
An object of sleek design, characterized by its gentle geometric lines, an example of the fusion of functionality, order, and elegance. Tecno is a single unit, linear shower that includes a bottom plate that disguises the shower's mounting pieces. Ideal for modern environments, but also suitable for classic settings thanks to its simplicity.
Subtle tones of extreme elegance for a classic shower full of visual sensations. Built in two main bodies to reduce its visual impact, Aria is a circular that features curving arc lines. A design that naturally depicts the blending of modern and classic aesthetic.
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - ARIA CYLINDER Inoxstyle (profile)
Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - TELEFONO M Inoxstyle (profile)


Quality, refinement, and grace: traces of a structural imprint where technique, design, and emotion meet. Telefono is a cylindrical column outdoor shower, characterized by its faucets' exclusive design and its high quality finish. Suitable for contemporary settings, and designed for those who love technical beauty. Can be customized.

Main features

Unmatched durability

Aisi 316l: marine grade stainless steel

Stainless steel 316L is an austenitic stainless steel alloy, considered among the most durable on the market today. Our showers are made from "Marine Grade" stainless steel 316L, guaranteeing truly unique technical properties and aesthetics.

Magic structural support

Invisible water connections

The exclusive deck support provides the shower's structural support and makes it possible to hide unsightly water pipes under the boat's deck. Assembling and dismantling the shower before sailing are both quick and easy. Made from marine grade stainless steel, it is also available with classic quick-coupling lateral hook-ups on boats with pre-existing water connections.



Designed by Inoxstyle, in a wide selection of styles and configurations, customizable. Unique because they were built individually for each customer

Built to last

Built by hand from the finest materials and techniques for luxury yachts, to be beautiful and functional in the worst weather conditions

Made in italy

Made in Italy, proudly created in Versilia, tested in the villas of Tuscany and on the finest yachts.


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