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Reconditioning and re-polishing of the shower, Winter preservation, Update and replacement

Inoxstyle's products are crafted using the best materials available on the market and comply with the highest technical processing standards. The features of every single element are studied and applied up to the smallest detail to guarantee total reliability and durability.

To assure a total technical support for our range of products and meet the needs of the most demanding clients, Inoxstyle has, moreover, developed a series of optional services and accessories preserving the value of our products over time.

Reconditioning and re-polishing of the shower

After many years outdoors, the steel parts of an open-air shower can become matted due to the atmospheric limestone which deposit on the surfaces. The technical functions do not undergo any changes, but the more aesthetically attentive clients may require an intervention so the shower returns to its original look. Inoxstyle proceeds, after disassembling the object, to a manual re-polishing of “Nautical” quality with multiple passes as well as replacement of any aging hydraulic elements: the final result will seem like a brand new, just delivered shower.

Winter preservation

To better preserve the products from winter weather conditions for summer-time facilities, Inoxstyle has arranged a storage and safe-keeping service: the shower is cleaned, packed and stored during the winter months, with prompt redelivery at the beginning of the next season. (*)

Update and replacement with a new one

Being crafted with modern and exclusive design features and using top technical quality materials, Inoxstyle products are of long-lasting value. For this reason, we offer our clients the possibility to have their used Inoxstyle products evaluated and eventually considered in the purchase of a replacement item.


Any specific needs of assembly and/or installation may be studied together with our designers. Assembly on terraces or in other non-traditional places, special mountings, customization of sizes and of any other feature of the items are available by our design service.


The first installation of Inoxstyle showers is a fast process and does not require any special expertise, for this reason, it can be performed even by a plumber with an average experience in no more than 30 minutes, in case, the winter disassembly and the following reassembly, with an operation lasting no more than 15 minutes is even faster. For clients, who should ask for it, Inoxstyle offers, however, an assembly service of the purchased product, by using, upon request, certified operators. Moreover, our technicians are available for a technical support service for installation.


Inoxstyle products travel all over the world owing to the air and sea shipment service assured by our partners. (*)

(*) The services offered are dependent on the product and may be subject to geographical restrictions.


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