Single body: the added value of Inoxstyle Garden Showers

external single body shower

In this article, we will explain a particular design related to outdoor showers, a topic that clearly interests Inoxstyle very closely: the single body structure.

Single body garden and yacht showers: resistance, ease of cleaning and design

Parmi les principales caractéristiques qu’un objet tel qu’une douche d’extérieur doit avoir, en plus d’un design attrayant, figurent la résistance et la facilité de nettoyage. Les douches Inoxstyle sont conçues et construites comme un élément indivis, c’est-à-dire en l’absence totale de points de soudure apparents, de profilés de raccordement et de vis d’assemblage.

The structural homogeneity gives the products built in a single body, a design of great elegance, enhancing the lines and geometries: this particular type of construction that does not include any assembled block or joint is also a guarantee of extreme quality, since it eliminates the possibility of seeing accumulations of deposits or limestone, thus canceling the action of any corrosive phenomenon.

This is a very important added value for showers intended for outdoor environments and therefore exposed to any atmospheric and external agent that could damage them, make them dull and negatively affect the hygiene and cleanliness of the steel which, however, with this particular structure, keeps unchanged his characteristics.

In summary, therefore, the single body shower is ideal for outdoor environments because it brings with it two main advantages:

  1. the main body of the shower is not made up of several pieces assembled at the time of installation, but has a single body with no visible screws or welds;
  2. the shower is aesthetically more beautiful as it does not have surface discontinuities. And it will remain more beautiful for a long time, as it has no deposits of dirt and limescale and no structural weaknesses.

Single body showers offer much more than simple functionality: they represent a link between aesthetics and resistance, between practicality and durability. The choice of this design demonstrates Inoxstyle’s commitment to providing high quality solutions that are perfectly suited to outdoor environments, guaranteeing superior performance and lasting beauty.