Showers for Wall Mounting
Showers for Yachts
Showers for Pools and Gardens

Showers designed for Yachts, Ideal for Swimming Pools and Gardens

The Outdoor Nautical Shower

1/ Nautical Design
Modern design that becomes a classic

More than 50 models exclusively designed with the Inoxstyle style

Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - Aria Cylinder Inoxstyle

2/ Nautical grade stainless steel
to defy time and the elements

Heavy duty, marine grade stainless steel 316L

Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - Yacht Inoxstyle

3/ Nautical Construction
obsessive attention to details

Hand welded single body, artisan crafted with custom taps

Picture Outdoor shower, pool, garden - Preludio Inoxstyle

4/ Nautical Polishing
metal in its best shape

Nautical grade mirror polishing, achieved by multiple process hand polishing