The 7 best outdoor pool shower ideas

outdoor pool shower ideas

Outdoor pool showers add functionality and elegance to an outdoor environment with a swimming pool, be it a garden or a boat: on the one hand, they offer the possibility of cooling off before or after a dip, and on the other hand, they are products that, when handcrafted, are not unlike an object of art.

Practical utility and aesthetics thus go hand in hand when it comes to expertly crafted showers. In this article, we will give you some ideas about your outdoor pool shower to help you choose the best solution for you.

A shower integrated with your garden

outdoor pool shower

First of all, outdoor pool showers must blend in with the environment in which they are placed: in fact, it is essential to consider the harmony between the shower and its pool.

The design of the shower should draw inspiration from the architectural lines or flooring of the place where it will be installed, thus creating a visual and aesthetic link with the surrounding environment. The best choice is to choose a sober and elegant style, characterized by clean and essential geometries: a shower with simple and refined lines never goes out of fashion and is suitable for both classic and modern settings, remaining an element of timeless beauty.

Outdoor pool showers: the best material

carbon steel shower

We have already seen how the choice of material is crucial when it comes to choosing a garden shower. Evaluating the right shower for the pool also means making sure that the material from which it is made meets the technical requirements and adds a touch of sophistication.

Chromed brass, steel, and stainless steel are mainly used in industrial showers, with AISI 316 L alloy, also known as “Marine Grade,” among the most durable on the market. A shower made of AISI 316 L stainless steel guarantees not only an impressive appearance but also durability over time.

In addition to stainless steel, a viable and innovative option is carbon fiber. This material, known for its high strength and light weight, is often used in the aerospace and motorsport sectors for its properties. Carbon fiber gives showers a sleek appearance, providing an unmatched product in terms of strength and design.

A shower made to last

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Resistance to the elements, especially water and sun, is critical to ensuring the longevity of outdoor pool showers. The construction structure and thickness of the shower body play a central role in this context: in fact, showers that feature a single body significantly reduce the points where limescale can settle, protecting the steel from corrosion. This structural homogeneity also affects the design of the shower, which has a very elegant appearance.

As you evaluate your ideas on outdoor pool showers, therefore, keep in mind that in an environment exposed to severe atmospheric stress, it is necessary to choose a product capable of defying corrosive agents, ensuring good durability.

Mirror finish or velvet steel?

A particularly popular finish for outdoor pool showers is a mirror finish, a polish that gives the surface a flawless elegance.

An equally good alternative is velvet steel, which is achieved by starting with mirror polishing, then adding a step to the finishing process. After polishing, in fact, the surface is further processed through a calibrated jet of glass microspheres: the result is a distinctive texture with unpolished reflections.

The mirror polish is recommended for those seeking classic, timeless elegance, while the velvety steel is ideal for those who want a shower that brings an innovative touch to their garden and pool.

Outdoor pool showers: how many arms?

Depending on the space you have, the aesthetics you desire, and your functional needs, you may decide to opt for a shower with 2, 3, even 4 arms. If you are looking for a minimalist and clean design, you might prefer a shower with a single showerhead. If, on the other hand, you would like a different experience for your backyard with a pool, a shower with multiple arms might be an interesting solution.

Several options: hand shower or foot wash?

In addition to customizing the number of arms, you have the option to further enrich your outdoor shower experience by adding different options to the shower body.This will allow you to tailor the shower to your specific needs, creating a personalized and functional environment.

If you want an extra touch of comfort, you might consider the option of integrating a convenient footwash to the shower structure. Alternatively, if you prefer more detailed control over water flow, you could opt for an additional hand shower, which may or may not have its own mixer.

Pay attention to the shower head

When designing an outdoor shower, a crucial aspect concerns the quality and features of the shower head. It is advisable to opt for a shower head equipped with anti-scale and anti-obstruction silicone rubber, which provides a number of significant benefits.

The presence of the silicone rubber effectively prevents the formation of scale deposits on the surface of the shower head, ensuring a constant and uniform water flow over time. This not only preserves the aesthetics of the shower head, but also helps maintain optimal shower performance. In addition, the anti-obstruction feature of the silicone rubber is critical to prevent unwanted clogging and ensure reliable and smooth operation.

What is your final choice?

After sifting through many ideas about outdoor pool showers, you still haven’t come to a final decision?
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